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Apostolic Life Community of Priests in the Opus Spiritus Sancti (ALCP/OSS) is a Society of Apostolic Life of diocesan right. A Society is of a diocesan right if it has been established by the Diocesan Bishop or approved by him through a formal decree and has not yet obtained the decree of approval from the Apostolic See in accordance with can. 589. ALCP/OSS Society has been approved by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi as a society of diocesan right.

Despite the rightful autonomy of life and especially of governance that the ALCP/OSS society enjoy (can. 586), the Society is under the special care of the Diocesan Bishop of Moshi. This special care must be understood as a pastoral concern and some particular juridical competence over the society in those matters prescribed by the law.

The following are legislative exemplifications which describe the nature of this special care of the Bishop. The Bishop of the principal house presides over the election of the Superior General of the society (reference to can. 625 § 2 in can. 734); the diocesan Bishop has the right and duty to visit the individual houses of the society which is situated in his territory (reference to can. 628 § 2, 2° in can. 734); for the validity of an alienation, the society needs to obtain the written consent of the Diocesan Bishop (reference to can. 638 § 4 in can. 741 § 1); when the decree of dismissal affects a member of the society, to be effective, it must be confirmed by the Diocesan Bishop in whose diocese is located the house to which the member belongs (reference to can. 700 in can. 746) etc.

However, the ALCP/OSS Society remains autonomous in its internal life, in governance, in having its own discipline in the Church and in the preservation of its patrimony described in can. 578.
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