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Spirituality of ALCP/OSS
Our spirituality is characterized as Easter-Pentecost spirituality and is centered on the Easter-Pentecost events: living in union with the Risen Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit and His gifts.


God Holy Spirit, Love of the Father and the Son, Spirit of the Church and of every Community in the Church: You have been sent into the World in order to continue the work of our Lord Jesus Christ and to bring this work to perfection until the day of his coming in Glory. You transform God’s whole creation into the new creation by the power of the resurrection and send all who proclaim God’s kingdom in the power of your love.
I believe that I have been called by you to help in building up the Apostolic Life Community of Priests in the Opus Spiritus Sancti. I thank you for this call and offer myself to you as an instrument. With all that I am and that I have, I place myself completely at your disposal.

To you and in you, to the Son and to the Father, I dedicate and give my body and my soul, my strength and abilities as well as my whole life. Spirit of truth, I surrender my understanding to you; Spirit of love, I surrender my will and heart to you; Spirit of Fortitude, I surrender my strength to you.

Come down with the fullness of your gifts and grant me the strength to belong fully to Christ according to the example of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Breath, pray, think, love and operate in me so that Christ may be formed in me.
Holy Spirit, Spirit of perfection, I now belong to you completely, but your divine strength also belongs to me. Thus, confiding in your help, I make the following promise;

I promise you, in the Spirit of the Pentecost room, gathered around Mary and the Apostles and in union with my brothers and sisters, to pray unceasingly for a new Pentecost.
I promise you to live according to the Spirit of the evangelical counsels; the spirit of chastity, poverty and obedience, to surrender my will completely to the will of God and to live according to the new commandment of love in its depth and fullness. I promise you to remain faithful to the Church, the Opus Spiritus Sancti and our Society. I promise you to lead a truly apostolic life according to the mission of Christ and of the first Pentecost and to do all in my power that a new age may come as a reflection of the world to come, a world in which God will be all in all.


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